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Getting Ready for Clare Garden Festival 2016

We’re putting together our show garden for the Clare Garden Festival. The picture above represents the beginning of a very busy couple of weeks for us as we bring our show garden slowly to life. We’re very proud of the fact that once the festival is over the garden will be carefully dismantled and reconstructed … Continued

Summer Bulbs

You’ve probably noticed that Summer bulbs are for sale at the moment. Summer bulbs are a great way to add a dramatic splash of colour to your garden. If you’re short on space don’t worry –  many Summer bulbs can be grown in containers. To achieve a natural looking display arrange your bulbs in clusters … Continued

Gardening Tips for April

After a very wet winter, I think we can say Spring has finally arrived. It truly is a beautiful time of the year with the longer days and the promise of Summer around the corner. If you’re looking at your garden in despair don’t panic. Make a list of the jobs that need doing and … Continued