Private Gardens

At Castleview Landscapes we take pride in every garden we work on and it is important that gardens are maintained to the highest standards.

Sometimes all it takes is a visit from Castleview once or twice a year to give planting borders and hard landscaping structures a touch of ‘TLC’ for an immaculate garden that looks its best and can flourish for years to come.

Lawn Maintenance

We offer regular grass cutting, weed & feed, strimming, scarifying and aerating services.

Tree Maintenance

We are able to carry out all aspects of tree maintenance and care, including felling, clearing, pruning, pollarding and crown reduction.

Border Care

Our garden design & maintenance services include seasonal pruning, weeding, mulching, plant care, and lawn and paving edging.

Planting Services

Castleview Landscapes can carry out a variety of seasonal flower, shrub and tree planting schemes.

Our Planting Plans take into consideration many factors. Some plants require higher maintenance than others but this will all be discussed at the planning stage.

Our Planting Plans pinpoint exactly where each plant is to be positioned allowing space for them to mature. This scheme is also beneficial for accurate budgeting.

Preparing the beds for planting is important, and if necessary we will use organic soil improvers to give the plants the best start in life.

Our knowledgeable planting expert works off the agreed Planting Plan, which of course takes into account all aspects of the garden, soil conditions and plant suitability.

We source the very best quality plants and hand-select plants for each individual project for optimum quality.

Chemical Spraying & Hose Cleaning

Keep hard-standing areas such as drives, paving, pathways, patios and gravel areas weed-free and clean with chemical spraying and high-pressure hose cleaning. Our staff can also apply lawn treatments and feeds, as well as herbicide, fungicide and pesticide treatments for trees and shrubs to eradicate pest and diseases.

Tailored Garden Maintenance Packages

We have cost effective garden maintenance packages to suit all projects and we can shape our service to fit your individual budget requirements. To discuss your garden maintenance or landscaping care needs please contact us for advice and a quotation.