Tree Services

We provide a full range of shrub and tree care options including planting, pruning and clearance work.

Trees and shrubs are an important part of your garden they can provide interest, structure and shade.

However, without proper care and attention trees and shrubs can become quickly overgrown. Overgrown trees can also be a potential hazard to your own property and your neighbours.

Overgrown shrubs look untidy and they can lead to reduced light levels in your garden.

Castleview Landscapes will prune and maintain all your trees and shrubs. Our skilled and efficient team will prune each plant according to its specific needs.

We clear away all trimmings and debris leaving you with a neat and tidy garden.

We also advise, purchase and plant trees and shrubs for our clients.

All our plants are carefully chosen according to your garden’s conditions and your specific requirements.

We purchase only the healthiest specimens and we will advise on their upkeep and maintenance.